Day: October 19, 2023

BC Cannabis Products

The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) opened its first brick-and-mortar BC Cannabis Store in Kamloops on October 17 and will continue to investigate opportunities to establish stores throughout the province. Private retailers are also preparing to launch their own stores following the federally approved retail process. Municipalities determine where cannabis can be sold, and the LDB is actively seeking to work with communities to ensure that local needs are met.

How is weed sold in BC?

The LDB has developed a diverse product assortment, which will be refined and updated as new cannabis products become available. Stores are staffed by knowledgeable cannabis consultants who can assist adults with product selection and provide education about social responsibility and safety.

Cannabis flowers are the main product offered in all BC Cannabis Products locations and are sourced from licensed producers. They come in three varieties — Indicas are sedating and relaxing, Sativas are energizing and uplifting, and hybrids combine traits from both Indicas and Sativas.

In addition to dried flower, BCCannabis Stores offer a variety of pre-rolled joints and edibles. Edibles are typically made from cannabis oils or concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are created from a cannabis plant’s THC-rich resin, and can include hash oil, kief, live resin, shatter and other forms of extract. The cannabis oils and concentrates are available in a wide range of potency levels.

The BCCannabis Store is the only place where legal government-regulated cannabis can be purchased in the province. However, for those who prefer more convenient or affordable options, there are a number of private retailers licensed to sell cannabis in the province. These retailers can be found by searching the BCCannabis Store website for a location near you, or by visiting our online directory of privately-operated cannabis stores.

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