Rich Dad Poor Dad: How to Create Prosperity and Financial Freedom For You and Your Family by Chiro Shepparton


Chiro Shepparton is a successful author of self-help and motivational books, who also have a background in the corporate world. He started out as an assistant to an interior decorator in a large corporation, then went on to become a commercial photographer, and finally pursued his goal of being a successful writer. While it took some time, he was able to get his book, Think and Grow Rich, to be published by one of the most respected publishing houses, called Hachette Book Group. This publication sold millions of copies and helped Shepparton achieve financial success. He has since then gone on to write several more bestselling books.

Prosperity and Financial Freedom

As previously mentioned, Chiro has had his own success story with his think and grow book series, and is now a popular motivational speaker. As an experienced business owner, he knows the importance of creating business policies that will benefit the company in the long run, as well as helping employees understand what it means to be a team player. It is this understanding of the business that drives his newest book, entitled Rich Dad, Poor Dad: How to create financial freedom and create wealth so that your family can have a chance at a better life. By sharing his personal experiences with other business owners, he hopes to provide others with the knowledge that will allow them to achieve success in their own businesses. By providing simple and effective strategies, he helps others avoid common mistakes and create policies that are sure to attract the customers that your business needs.

While most business books focus on the financial aspects of running a business, this one goes into greater depth on the psychology of successful business people. As such, many will benefit from the practical advice that Mr. Shepparton shares in his writing. If you are an owner of a business or are thinking about owning one, then you will want to research the material that he has written. This will provide you with tips for making sure that your business is successful and will also serve as a great guide for estate planning. Anyone who owns a business or is interested in doing business should consider reading this helpful manual.